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January 12, 2009



I think having a product that you're proud of is the key moment. The product doesn't have to be finished or for sale yet, but it needs to be in a state where you can see the project will most likely be accomplished.

Maybe the idea of being a startup needs to be delineated more - you're no longer a start up for iphone apps, but you're still a startup for non-iphone games.

Don't give in to their 'pop' ways. It is soda. Soda pop if you have to compromise.

Chris Blackwell

I think it's when everyone in the office doesn't know everyone else :)


Ah.. I personally think it's when you have started sending out more then 5 automatic rejection e-mails a day to aspiring new talent. :D
Soda? Oh man.. One of THOSE people.. It's always been pop didn't you know? The word just got diluted on it's way through the states.
Because of course, everything started in Washington... :P

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