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January 20, 2009



I understand your thoughts on this one quite well having been heavily involved with another company as they went through this process. The CEO actually kept his distance from the direct playing aspects of his game in order to try and maintain as much of that "Kleenex Testing" view as possible and was always trying to bring in new testers so they could get a much clearer view on what needed to be changed to make sure that new players coming in would be able to have a great experience vs those who had "just gotten used to" certain bugs or control schemes.

Interesting to have finally stumbled upon this blog as I love to hear more about the building of a game from the ground up. Got yourself a dedicated follower here now and I'm sure I'll be posting more as I continue to read on! ;-)


Thanks for the comment. We're still just getting this blog off the ground, but we're going to be adding a lot more juicy info in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!


I look forward to following your developments as time goes on and I appreciate your own response to my comment. I'll be sure to give my own insight into whatever pops up on here just like I did when my mind lit up when you talked about being "too close" in this entry.

Definitely looking forward to seeing what you have planned in the coming weeks as far as info goes since I'm definitely intrigued at your development as a company throughout this long and involved process after seeing how difficult it can be when you attempt to bring your creative vision to light in a world full of unique business challenges :-) Enjoy the ride!

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