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October 10, 2008



I wouldn't even know where you would start when creating a whole new style for a game. Can't wait to see where this all goes, hope to see some artwork!

Col. Jessep

Hi Eka,
glad to hear Uber has an Art Director now. I'm looking forward to the about 100 ingame screenshots you will post next week, right. Right... ? :)
K, guess I'm a little imaptient here but I love artwork. It's a shame that it is often not released with the game. Fortunately sometimes there are some forgotten files left deep in the game folders. Maybe you can collect some of your work and post it at an appropriate time? That would be great!

Speaking of differentiating yourself from the competition, how about a nice favicon for your site? It's kinda hard to spot in my collection of bookmarks.
Something I cooked up, I'm sure you can do a lot better:
(If you guys like it feel free to use it though.)

The best of luck to all of you and I hope we will see some pictures soon. (So I have something to post as news... ;) )

Legion Darrath

Kinda off topic but I just want to Scathis and co know that I'm looking forward to the products of this company.

Greets from (pretty much) everyone in the SupCom community (and the Demigod community) and good luck :)


Thanks for the support, Legion Darrath. Say hi to the communities from me, "o". I was very active on the mod forums during the SupCom days, but less so when Scathis and I started Demigod. I hope they still remember me :)

Col. Jessep, good idea on the favicon.

humza khan

Hi, my name is Humza Khan and I'm seeking a full time concept art position. You can view my work at:


Please contact me if you come across any availabilities. Thanks again for your time and I hope to touch base with you soon, take care.

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